Connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to Linux for Data Transfer

This a a description on how I could connect the mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S7 to a Linux machine. The goal was to transfer files for backup purposes as well as the capability to keep the date/time of photos and videos while transfering files between the PC and the phone.
For this procedure no cable connection is necessary: A WLAN connection is sufficient, as long as the Linux-PC and the phone (via the WLAN access point) are connected to the same switch)

- Install "SSH Helper" on the smart phone (available on Google Market)
- Start "SSH Helper" and click on the 'tool' on top>br> - Read the IP-number (e.g.
- Read the port number (e.g. 2222)
- From the Linux-machine start a SSH connection to the phone:

ssh user@
- External SD-Card: df --> /storage/3762-3731 59.4G 10.7G 48.7G
- cd /storage/3762-3731
scp -p ...............

Files of type: 20140510_192957.mp4 or 20160618_005049_001.jpg
for file in `ls -1 *.jpg *.mp4` ; do echo $file; dat=`echo $file | cut -c 1-8`; echo $dat;time=`echo $file | cut -c 10-13`; echo $time; dattime=`echo $dat$time`; echo $dattime; touch -t $dattime $file ; done

Files of type: 04062011048.jpg (Modify only Files of 2011 in this format): for file in `ls -1 ????2011???.jpg` ; do echo $file; yr=`echo $file | cut -c 5-8`; month=`echo $file | cut -c 3-4`; day=`echo $file | cut -c 1-2`; time="1200"; dattime=`echo $yr$month$day$time`; dattime=`echo ${dattime}`; echo ${dattime}; touch -t $dattime $file; done

Vom Galaxy aus:
scp -p *.jpg user@IPnumber_Linux_PC:
--> preserver date/time of the copied files.

Funktioniert noch NICHT!!!!
Android: touch --h for help
busybox touch -c -t 201404080024 20140408_002436.jpg
--> Operation not permitted :-( Auch nicht als root !!

Last update: 20Dec2016 - Created: 20Dec2016 / PicoKnirps